Delphi 2007 Datamodule displays an icon in the taskbar
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2009-04-22 09:13:09 UTC
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I've recently gone through one of my apps and restructured it to make
use of a datamodule. I created the datamodule using the File->New
menu options.

My changes work, however, the datamodule appears to put an entry on
the taskbar. The end result being I have 2 taskbar entries for my
application. I don't understand as the datamodule is not supposed to
be a form.

I reviewed the project source file and removed the autocreate entry
for the datamodule and resorted to dynamically creating the module
reference in the mainform of my app.....this didn't resolve it.

I'm after some hints how to stop it from doing this. Any ideas? Any
help greatly appreciated.
2009-04-22 10:08:56 UTC
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Post by h***@westnet.com.au
I'm after some hints how to stop it from doing this. Any ideas? Any
help greatly appreciated.
1. Try creating a simple test application with Datamodule, and get
confirmed that Delphi does not put separate icon for datamodule on
windows Task bar.

2. Backup your project. Then start stripping your problematic Datamodule
down. Cut of 50% the codes and Datasets off, and see if the Icon
appeared. Then again 50% of the rest until the problem disappears.
At least when you have come down to 1. level, the problem should no more
be there. When you have found what was wrong, then put it all back

I have done this kind of quick and crude ripping down several times. Not
with Datamodules specifically, but with any ghosting Forms code that has
tens of component related automated Events doing their things on the
2015-10-16 09:38:37 UTC
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Check if you have added the FDGUIxAsyncExecuteDialog1 component in datamodule.
This will have 2 taskbar entries for your application in standard VCL Forms Application.